Friday, 2 March 2012

necromunda! back to the underhive :D

Hi there... We recently sold all of our necromunda scenery oop stuff on ebay. two months later I decide I'm going to play it again and two days after that im completely obsessed with the notion and kickin myself for selling the irreplaceable scenery.

Well with my new found fondness of foam board and turnin it to terrain ....CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I'm going to build some proper terrain not jus the usual ruins i make for games of 40k anyways for now you will have to make do with pictures of my ash waste nomad gang... enjoy
P.S points and cookies to whoever can guess the bits i used for the various conversions.
This first Juve is armed with a stub gun (he was built 11 years ago when i was a wee lad!)
Same with this juve i built him years ago but he looks a bit better he is armed with an auto pistol.
This model is a ganger with chainsword plasma pistol and auto gun
This nomad is a ganger armed with simply an auto gun
This is a conversion i did yesterday and is my favourite model in the gang its the heavy, he is armed with chainsword plasma pistol and heavy stubber ! he is going to look awesome !

Last but not least in fact most importantly the gang leader of the ash waste gang armed with bolt gun and auto pistol.

I have three other gangs to prime and paint and play with from back in  the day damn im excited might have to put 40k on hold for the weekend :S to find out what other gangs i have feel free to sub or comment lol

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