Monday, 26 March 2012

Necromunda Battle report ashwaste v delaque campaign 3rd fight

Hi there Fd back with another battle report for necromunda campaign allan vs S.
Finally got to play something other than the gang fight scenario, ended up with S being able to choose which game we played and she chose scavengers which was quite different. Check it out.


  1. Thanks again - it's always interesting and there's a narrative starting to develop, even for me as a viewer. It's still early days though, and even if S has been having a hard time of it, with the bottling, death and the ammo rolls, that could change, especially with some of the other scenarios, like the raid. You're both loaded in terms of stash too, which is more or less the opposite of the way I generally go, scrabbling around for the creds. That barricade looks pretty good by the way, and that 3D-chess-style building with the central column is a good design for Necromunda.

    1. cheers porky... yeah it's starting to gather a bit of speed and things are hotting up! I'm just looking forward to playing some of the outlaw scenarios they are really good i played one today against george's orlock gang called 'the hit' which was awesome... suffice to say i failed to kill his leader the target of the hit haha. S is looking forward to getting another gang (escher) and beating me down with some girl power he heh.