Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Necromunda terrain

Hi all, S here. Just a quick post showing this piece of terrain I made recently. I'd been wanting to make something out of this giant tube of mini chedders and i'm pretty happy with it..

OH YEAH! BA codex came in the post. I was going to post a few pictures with different angles and lighting but I think we all know what it looks like  <^.^>



  1. Pieces of different shapes are always good to have, and round does seem underused. Good use of the wire too, for softer cover. You don't look like you'll be needing it, but you've reminded me of the Necromundicon again - it's always good for inspiration:

    That's a lot of mini cheddars too - and the eating is a very fun part of targeted terrain making...

  2. Cool link man .... thanks for checking out the post and yes we do both love dem mini cheddars ! lol

  3. Nice work on the tower of cheddars. Looks to big a nice size for pair of heavies to overwatch on

    1. lol love the name, hence forth it will be known as the tower of cheddars. Thanks for comment